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Tag Along Tour £550 inc camping + support

What's Included
 Mountainside base camp
We operate out of our mountainside base camp where you can arrive when you like, bring everything you want, set up base camp. You’ll have masses of space and you can come and go as you please with an empty car to off road and explore with. If you don't have any camping gear, click on the accommodation link for other options.
 Wild Glamping
We have shower and toilet huts so you and your family can still enjoy the little luxuries of life. We also have a bbq, cooking and washing up area you can use. The rest is pure peace & tranquillity.
 3 Full Days Guaranteed guided tours
Through some fantastic trails along riverbeds wet & dry; canyons; barrancos; beaches; forests; rock crawling; rugged mountains. A lot of the trails take us through vineyards; olive groves; almond groves; pine forests; orange & peach groves; past castles; monasteries; mountain top sanctuaries; rock pools and lagoons for swimming;  disused railway lines & tunnels; local stops for lunch; sleepy villages so far off the tourist trails they don't speak English. You have the chance with us to experience more  varied types of terrain and driving surfaces than any other 4x4 tour operator, which is probably one of the reasons we had Sky TV filming us. We are one of the fastest growing 4x4 operators, and first year guests are returning to us for a 6th year running !
 A Night Run (optional)
We love a starlight night run, they are fantastic!. No light pollution, and a chance to use your lights for real. We have a few favourite runs that take us to a fabulous mountain top to see the lights of the villages glow and the river meander into to the darkness. When the moon is out it is phenomenal.
 4 Days Off ?
Not really! Unless you want to of course. Between your full 3 days off roading, we have alternate days off so we can show you some of the other gems of the area and things to do. You can of course, do some exploring on your own. This could be: boating; kayaking; taking the cars on the ferry; or lunch before a walk round the templar castle; shooting; mountain biking; horse riding; climbing; hiking; fishing; swimming, a train ride along the river and through the mountains to Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus, Zarragoza... the list goes on and on we just can't list it all. One of our favourites is going to the rock pools and lagoons with a picnic for jumping diving relaxing and canyoning. All of these we will give you the locations of and organize for you, maybe we’ll tag along too.
 Back Up Rescue and Recovery
Ok, so everyone offers some sort of support vehicle and will tow you to a reasonable location before dumping you and leaving you to fend for yourself. I’d be a bit miffed if I’d paid big money for a tour guide and support, then found myself hung out to dry so the tour could continue. That’s not our style or mentality! We go one better. I am an experienced mechanic, auto electrician, recovery driver, vehicle body technician, welder and MOT tester. I have spares at  base camp, and the facilities to repair whatever we need (we run a fleet remember). Should you have a problem while on a tour, we will get you back to base and get your vehicle repaired, whether I have parts for the job or there is the possibility of a guest scheduled to arrive bringing the parts with them. It won't ruin your holiday if it happens. We find there is great camaraderie with our guests as we are all up for the adventure and no one wants to be left behind. We can get parts delivered within 3 to 5 days from a top Uk LandRover parts supplier, so if you are off the road for any reason there are still all the other activities and we will never leave you behind when we are going out to a restaurant. In addition to tools, jacks etc I also have welding facilities and tyre changer for punctures etc.
 Stay Longer
You can stay extra nights or weeks on the mountain with us, and if you just want to chill that's ok too. Its your 4x4 holiday and we are here to make it unique. We want to remove any obstacles holding you back, so just email us with any queries or combination of holiday weeks you want and we'll work something out. Check the booking page to add extra nights camping.
 The Best 4X4 Experience
Tour Leader
As we know the bulk of our routes by heart, it means you won't always find us at the front of the pack. I'm quite happy dropping back and letting another guest lead with some directions over the radio. If you get carried away and miss a turn don't worry when we get to it we'll radio you to come back. When it happens its all part of the fun and some stick over the radio can be expected.

You are in control of your 4x4 holiday with us. There is no pressure to do 200 miles a day or reach any destination, or be left behind the following day. We are all about the excitement and having a good crack. If we do have a hard day we like nothing better than unwinding with a good bbq and beverage.
If you have friends that don't have the time to drive down with you, why not send them on the plane and you can pick them up from the airport (Reus) or local train station (Riba Roja D'Ebre). You can carry their luggage, empty your car at base and take them out with you. We'll give you all the help and information you'll need.

Or they can book a fly in holiday with us and we'll take them. You can have some banter over the radios and take footage and photos of them in action.

We now offer a self drive Discovery 4x4 rental package as a further option.

We stay on our mountainside, the views over the lake are fabulous and BBQ's are the order of the day. We'll have a few drinks whilst we have a laugh about the days discoveries and wait for the stars to come out. Don't forget your binoculars or camera!. We are a few kilometres outside a village called Riba Roja d' Ebro, which is only 320 miles from the port of Santurzi (Bilbao), or about 900 miles from Calais if you are driving through France. You could always combine both, and drive down the long way and book the ferry back so the end of your holiday is a relaxing cruise.

We also know of a few mountain tops where you could stay the night if you wanted a night of complete solitude.


Click here to confirm and pay for your own VEHICLE to tag along £550.00
Enter your dates in the order notes or email us.

Extra Nights camping only are £20 per night which includes Use of showers, Gas bbq and facilities


 Private mountain not open to public.
 Not accessible by normal vehicle
 Small number of visitors, so everyone can have masses of space.

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We look forward to seeing you in Spain.

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