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Self drive 4x4 holiday package for £1195 for 2 People
We have Land rover Discoverys and Defenders for you to drive as part of a package that includes the 4x4, a mountainside cabin or tent and guided tour through the fabulous Spanish scenery. You don’t even need your own 4x4 or have to be an expert off roader (or even done it before). If you are a competent driver, over 25, all you need is the desire to try it. Just jump on a plane and join us in the mountains for the holiday adventure of a lifetime. You only have to come to Spain and join us! You could even try a week with as a taster for Morrocco!

Landrover Defender hire Defender Hire Land Rover Defender self drive holiday adventure

Discovery+2 People inc Cabin £1195

Discovery+4 People inc Cabin &Cave £1395

What's Included

7 Days Land Rover Discovery and Tag Along Tour.
As part of your week (or more) with us, we have a choice of 300Tdi Discoveries for you to use. You will be part of the tag along tour and get to drive through all the terrain we explore, and get stuck into all the thrills and spills. There are CB radios which are a necessity out on tour, which also provide great entertainment during the day. Communications also allow for advice and instruction as you follow us through the terrain. You can follow the lead car, or lead on stages (if you are competent), and copy how we cross obstacles while hearing over the radio what gear, braking or throttle positions we use. If you are unsure then, one of us will get out and guide you, or worst case scenario do it for you! You Dont need to be an expert just a competent driver, the cars do the rest.

Unlike other car hire where you are penalised for scratches and dents, we expect the possibility of scratches, and the car already has some! Pushing through bushes, driving in the surf at the beach and along stony river beds is an awesome sensation and a great laugh. So whatever your skill level, we can help you improve and send you home with the pictures, videos and memories to last forever.

All the driving instruction, training & encouragement you need to become a confident, competent safe driver.
We have the passion, enthusiasm and experience to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to assess the obstacles and plan the best route to avoid getting stuck, or vehicle damage. When you do get stuck, we'll get you on the winch and safely out. There is the opportunity to have some practice and theory at base camp, and talk to others. The best way to learn is get out there and do it, and that's where you'll learn most!

Base camp Cabin, Cave or Caravan & sleeping gear for 2 or 4 people
For this season we have cabins in the mountains for you and your family (or friends), with bedding ready to use, so all you need are your clothes, towels and spending money. While we class what we do as wild camping, we do have shower and toilet huts to make it civilised wild camping, and as most of the summer is 30 degrees plus, it's all we need to ensure a fabulous experience. Check out our photo albums to see the views you will wake up to.

Use of our cooking & BBQ facilities
We have gas BBQ and cooking facilities with tables and chairs for you to eat around, or we can go to one of the many amazing public BBQ areas for something different. Even though it's self catering with us we can, and do, mix it up with lots of local restaurants, cafes and Tapas Bars.

Something for everyone
We want you to have the best holiday ever, and visit us again and again. We make sure there's plenty of off road adventure of varying difficulties. Most of our routes have specific places of interest
en-route for photography;  history; culture or even gastronomic interest in real Spanish & Catalan restaurants and cafes off the tourist route where they don't speak a word of English, so you get a real feel for our rural location.

We found that all of the partners, wives and girlfriends in the groups had a great time, and the bare necessities like proper flushing toilet and decent hot private shower hut, added to the magical atmosphere, location and friendliness of everyone around, and made the wild camping aspect a great experience. The space you have around you is truly good for the soul, and we can't get across in words how wonderful sitting in a recliner looking at the stars feeling the warmth and listening to the crackle from the fire is.

You decide your day.
If at any point during the days tour you decide you have had enough, you can simply advise us on the radio and set base camp into your sat nav and make your way home. It's never happened, but the option is there. It's also why we have a Day on, Day off so there is a chance for everyone in your party to try what they want. Some of the activities are listed in Activities. You simply won't have enough time to see and do everything, and it's not all high speed action!

To recap on what you get
Land Rover Discovery fully equipped with snorkel, steering guards, spotlights for the week for up to 4 people so everyone gets a window seat.
Cabin Cave or Caravan and bedding.
Tag along guided tour of 3 days and 1 night run (minimum)
Use of our cooking facilities, toilet, shower etc.
Advise, instruction, training, information and local knowledge, places to visit, eat etc
What's Not Included
You need to arrange your flights to Reus Airport, usually Ryanair is the best bus service for cost.
60 Euros (per trip not per person). This is because we empower our local transport firm to collect you and deliver you to us safely. You can of course get to us the adventurous way, and get the bus to the station from outside the airport and then the train right into Riba Roja D'Ebre. We will furnish you with every detail of the journey and phrase you will need, which is super easy and requires no train changes or other difficulties, and is amazing!
Fuel is not included obviously. It's not possible to factor in what you will or won't use, but the good news is last year Diesel was around 1.08 euros per litre !!!! much cheaper than the UK and it is unlikely you will use two tanks full.In fact, most people topped off their tanks when half full and that was sufficient.
Self catering is easy and part of the fun, visiting the local markets and the big supermarkets (which are very easy and interesting) is part of the experience on the days off or the return leg of a days offroading. Needless to say we know some exquisite places to eat (both for food and atmosphere), so it's not going to be all work, but cooking mountainside is never a chore as it's one of the focal points of the evening.

Obviously there is an insurance excess and a damage policy.
We require a £400 deposit, returnable by cheque, Paypal or bacs at the end of your holiday.
Although we accept the possibility of scratches etc, we have to make it clear that damage through stupidity or blatant abuse will cost the user. If you slice a tyre beyond repair (not puncture) £50 towards the replacement will come out of the damage deposit towards replacement.

The vehicle will obviously be required for the following weeks guests:
Drivers must be over 25 and any of your party may drive providing they have a full and current photo licence.

Click here for our Photo Albums

Check the flights on your preferred dates then email Phil or Savi .


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